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What makes this disease very dangerous and life-threatening is its ability not to provide any symptom in a long period of time. In other words, till the disease is able to be treated, there is no symptom of it. That’s… Continue Reading →

Turmeric And Honey – The Strongest Antibiotic From Nature

Turmeric is a spice which is common for the Indian cuisine and it has yellow color and is a pigmented curry spice. But it can be used for many more purposes besides cooking. It can be used as a natural… Continue Reading →

Vitamin B17: The Biggest Cover-Up In The History Of Cancer

We are lucky enough to live in a modern world and have access to numerous studies and awesome medical reveals. But, we have not found a cure for the modern plague – cancer. Conventional cancer treatments harm the body, and… Continue Reading →


You probably just consume the flesh of avocado and throw the seed away if you love this fruit. But, the latest study has shown that there is compound that will totally change your mind. This powerful compound makes avocado even… Continue Reading →

The Top 27 Alkaline Foods on The Planet, Eat More to Prevent Cancer, Obesity And Heart Disease

Fast food has fallen into one of the most dangerous foods one can consume. Due to a faster pace of life and tight schedules, we are often exposed to this way of eating, which is totally wrong. The thing is,… Continue Reading →

60 Alkaline Foods That Fight Cancer, Inflammation, Diabetes and Heart Disease!

Our health is dramatically affected by the balance of the pH levels in our body. These levels need to be about 7.4, or in an alkaline range. Therefore, following an alkaline diet, consisted of nutrient- rich natural vegetables and fruit,… Continue Reading →

Incredibly Rare List Of Plants Native Americans Used To Cure EVERYTHING! (From Joint Pain To Cancer)

The Cherokee is a Native American tribe that is indigenous to the Southeastern United States. They believe that the Creator has given them a gift of understanding and preserving medicinal herbs.  The Cherokee trust the healing and preventative properties of… Continue Reading →

Cancer Cure: These 4 Plants Kill 75% Of Cancer Cells And Are Much More Effective Than Other Cancer Treatments

(Cancer Cure: These 4 Plants Kill 75% Of Cancer Cells And Are Much More Effective Than Other Cancer Treatments) Blushwood berries are the result of the blushwood tree, which is known not in one and just region of the world:… Continue Reading →

Oncologists Urge You To Stop Eating These 8 Foods That Can Increase Your Cancer Risk

According to medical experts, cancer is a complex set of diseases, which might be a result of various factors, such as: genetics, specific infections, poor lifestyle habits, like poor diet, physical inactivity, tobacco, and alcohol use and environmental exposure to… Continue Reading →


This is a recipe for the healthiest beer you can every find. Consume it and it will improve your health greatly. It can treat arthritis, stomach issues, reduce the cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Holistic medicine usually uses ginger for… Continue Reading →

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