Numerous experts proved that there are at least 10 pounds of chemicals in almost each household cleaning product. Well, if this is true, then people should find a reasonable chemical-free product for cleaning the house.

One alternative is Tea tree oil. Tea Tree oil comes from an Australian tree called Melaleuca alternifoliate which provide an amazing non-chemical essential oil.

Four centuries, the Australian Aboriginal people have been using this oil that derives from the tree leaves for treatment of bacteria, soothing muscle pain, and many other health problems.  It has antiviral, antibiotic, antiseptic, and antifungal characteristics. But, this oil shouldn’t be ingested. Since recently, this oil was started to be used not just for medical purposes.

Top 5 Non-Medical Uses of Tea Tree Oil:

  1. Disinfectant

Due to its antiseptic features, tea tree oil is a great tool for disinfection. You can add it to the mist vaporizer if you want to clean everything after an ill person in the family. All you have to do is to add 6 drops to the laundry when you wash the linens.

  1. All-purpose Cleaner

Make your own cleaner for all purpose by mixing 4 drops of Tea Tree oil, 2 tbsp. of ACV, and 1 tbsp. of borax. Put the mixture into a spray bottle and fill the rest part of the bottle with warm water. 

  1. Disinfect Your Dishes

Add 2 drops of Tea Tree oil into your soap dispenser in the dishwasher in order to disinfect and clean all of your dishes.

  1. Kill Germs on Your Clothes

To destroy all the germs in your laundry, you will need to add a couple of drops of Tea Tree oil into every load of laundry. It will disinfect, clean, and leave your clothing fresh-smelling.

  1. Repel Ants

If you have ants in your households, the first thing you should do is to follow the line back to their entry point. Then, put several drops of the Tea Tree oil on the exact place. This method is going to deter all of the ants from returning back through the very same entry point. To detect and destroy roaches, wipe down all of your cupboards with a Tea Tree oil solution.

The above listed 5 ways of using Tea Tree oil for cleaning purposes in your home are just a small part of the great available spectrum. According to researchers, if used properly, Tea Tree oil will make your house the cleanest as it can possibly be.